Purple and Regular Cabbage Side/Main Dish - Cabbage. Literally most of European cuisine has a lot of dishes with this cruciferous vegetable. Let's see how it's raised to a fine tasty dish in different areas in Southern India. To change things up - we chose purple and regular (almost white/green) organic cabbage. Chop the onions, add some oil, heat it up, add… Continue Reading
Mirchi Ka Salan Mirchi Ka Salan – Green Chillies in a peanut curry - See Wikipedia Mirchi - is basically a chilli. Traditionally, green Indian chillies are used. But here we are going to replace the traditional Green Chillies with Poblano Peppers. Why? Because, why not? If you have tried ever Chilli Relleno, you will have tasted the goodness of this massive chilli - without the spice and all… Continue Reading
Jackfruit and Cauliflower in Coconut milk curry Cauliflower + Jackfruit – the new vegan protein – A First Look - The Jackfruit has recently been capturing a lot of interest on the interwebs lately. And with good reason. Evidently, it a great meat substitute with it's texture, taste and easy to cook with. So, we put it to the test and here is what we came up with! Using coconut milk as the base for… Continue Reading
Green Plantain, Garbanzo Beans and Tomatoes - Green Plantains? What the heck are these? Just bananas. Well, not quite bananas - they are very very close cousins. These are not sweet - especially the green ones. Even when they are yellow and ripe - they are not the same. These are more of vegetable category - than fruits. Not quite - but… Continue Reading
Brinjal Chutney Brinjal or Chinese Eggplant Chutney – spicy dip - A brinjal Chutney? What's a brinjal? Whats a Chutney? Read on learn how to get your food to the next level. Continue Reading
RedBeans Ready to serve Better Rice and Beans - How do we make simple, tasty beans? These will go well with Rice or with tortilla chips or flat bread. Try it out - simple and easy fix. It's healthy too. Continue Reading
Cilantro Chutney - Simple, spicy and yummy!! You got to blend it in the last step 🙂 Continue Reading
Cilantro Chutney reloaded and made EZ-ier - The best thing about Cilantro is, its so versatile. Just wash, chop and use as a garnish - OR - Try this recipe to raise the level for any dip. Challenge accepted Continue Reading